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WHY do some CHRISTIANS receive DIVINE HEALING and others do not?


IF YOU’RE PRAYING for Divine Healing from Anger, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD or Cancer, I believe this Message, will HELP you find a better way to pursue Divine Healing 

Divine Healing is defined by Merriam Webster as “healing attributed to the direct agency of God usually in response to faith”.

As we all know, there have been thousands of documented cases of Divine healing. Conversely, many sincere people, Christians too, have done everything in their power to be healed and have failed.

Why is this so?

Personally, I was blessed to receive Divine healing from bladder cancer so I’m offering my own story to demonstrate why Divine healing works and why it may not:

Divine Healing is a sensitive subject among many people, especially Christians, because very few want to take responsibility for their own illness or diagnoses and many allow their doctors to predict the outcome of their medical situation while only a few will go out of their way to seek ‘divine healing’.

Many Christians become sad, disappointed or fearful and give up. Some think they’ll get to Heaven quicker if they give up and that’s based on manmade religious opinions over the years, and is not something everyone agrees on.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with severe bladder cancer and told I’d die in 3-5yrs if I didn’t let the doctors remove my bladder and attach it to the outside of my body. My desire to live was strong and it was then I decided to learn what Jesus said to those who were healed by him, so I began reading the 4 Gospels and focused on every healing story.

Here are 2 things I found that stick out the most.

#1- Jesus most often said, ‘your’ faith has made you whole and, in His own town, Jesus could only heal a few because they lacked ‘faith’ That’s how important ‘our faith is to our own Divine Healing.

#2- Those who desired Divine Healing were seeking it, climbing a mountain for it, tearing a hole in the roof to get to him or pressing through a crowd just to touch him; they were not sitting on their ‘couch of discontent’ hoping he would stop over and heal them. They were actively seeking healing.

I received my Divine Healing from bladder cancer after I created a 21 day health sabbatical called the LIFE WALK. I came to Negril Jamaica’s 7 mile beach (where I now live). I was 59 at the time so I walked 59 miles up and down the beach reflecting on my life seeking Divine healing.

I practiced 4 things I learned from JESUS.

#1- With GOD, all things are possible, all the time, everywhere.

#2- We must pray, believing in our prayers.

#3- Faith must consume the one ‘receiving’ the healing.

#4- Some healing require prayer and fasting.

Prayer and Fasting calms our mind and spirit while resetting our body chemicals allowing healing and provides a great peace of mind and a sense of Gods Presence. It’s true, not everyone gets healed and it’s also true, not everyone dies early either.

The main reason why some Christians receive Divine healing and some don’t, is because being a Christian means having a ‘personal relationship’ with Jesus. Each of us are different in our obedience to God’s Will and therefore we pursue His Will differently.” 

Not everyone who pursues healing, receives healing because everyone is different so what matters most here and now, is you, not them. What kind of a ‘personal relationship’ do you have with GOD?

THIS VIDEO MESSAGE contains the 4 STEPS I had to take to receive my Divine Healing. There are many different opinions from many different Christians about Divine Healing but very few examples, I’m blessed to be able to share mine with you. I give GOD ALL THE GLORY


4 STEPS to DIVINE HEALING, in Mind, Body and Spirit.


For More information on the LIFE WALK:

please click here:http://bit.ly/1WPQBHi

Who is Rev. Terry A. Christian? He’s a former Inspirational Speaker and Executive Trainer with over 20 years experience giving more than 2,500 presentations to audiences across America and Canada. Several years ago, Terry retired as a public speaker after feeling the Holy Spirit redirecting his life. While in prayer, he was told to create a book containing only the words of Jesus. A book that would teach Believers, without interpretations, opinions or commentary.It would take him 12 years to complete the book, What Did Jesus Say …. The Seven Messages from the Master.

Today, he counsels online to individuals and couples seeking a more mature understanding of their relationship with Jesus Christ. His life is now dedicated to helping his brothers and sisters inChrist, live in a never-ending state of peace, love, and forgiveness, as followers of Jesus Christ.

Terry believes after repentance and Baptism, this was the message Jesus taught; and teaching The Way, by The Word is the cornerstone of his ministry.

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