Foundations For Life

Foundations For Life…

091e7a0aa762a53b0ae3cad9ef63c2ce_dnzeis a Christian Ministry, committed to showing the way by the word. “Our calling is to HELP all Christians”

This “brotherly” approach allows us to focus on our loving similarities as members of the Body of Christ, rather than on our differences in worshiping and practicing our faith, so common today from one church denomination to another.

We Acknowledge and Lovingly Support

All those called to Help save the lost. However, we are called to Help the saved better understand the Message of Jesus as HIS WORDS are represented in the Four Gospels of the Holy Bible and then outlined in Red Ink.

We are dedicated to:
  • Reminding all Believers, everywhere we go, of the final message and prayer Jesus shared with His Disciples while they gathered at the Last Supper- John 14 thru 17.
  • Encouraging the congregation to ‘lift up’ their Pastor in their thoughts and prayers, and always ‘invite’ family, friends and strangers, to their church for fellowship.
  • FREE COUNSELING for everyone seeking HELP through Jesus Christ.
We Minister and Counsel directly from the Holy Bible

** We Believe: The Whole Bible is the WORD OF GOD and all scripture is “inspired by God.”

“The Four Gospels are, by all odds, the Most Important part of the Bible: more important than all the rest of the Bible put together: more important than all the rest of the books in the whole world put together: for we could better afford to be without the knowledge of everything else than to be without the knowledge of Jesus Christ.” (Halley’s Bible Handbook)

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