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KINGDOM EXPANSION: a Christian Book Review

Zikria Bashir- Pakistan

This wonderful book is really inspiring and touches the soul of the one who reads it. The book really consists of all the sayings of the Lord Christ Jesus who taught with straight language to the crowds. These Seven Messages contained in this wonderful book are the savior’s sayings for the salvation of mankind. This book will enlightenment all those who will read it. Thanks to Rev. Terry Allan Christian for this wonderful efforts. God Bless you Terry.



The WDJS Book is beautiful, and its full of God’s words…impacting on the reader in a very spiritual way.

KINGDOM EXPANSION: a Christian Book Review

Victor- Zimbabwe

My life is changing at the impact of the What Did Jesus Say- book. Check my writings on FB before I got the book and after. My walk in the Lord has taken a shift with more focus on the words of Jesus. The book itself is presented to be a universal gift. It’s written in a simple to understand language such that those who don’t even use English but pick up words here and there are able to understand. I thank God for such an inspiration and may God richly bless you. I wouldn’t beashamed to be a disciple of the words of Jesus. Thank you.



I am fortunate enough to have read the PDF of this book and the layout and the pictures are outstanding. This book was profound and anointed. Some people would say that this is just the words of Jesus with no change, but this is not the case. These passages have come out of the Four Gospels and have been put together by no less than the Holy Spirit in an order that really drives home points on key issues. The section on the Word was so powerful. Seven overall messages and hundreds of sub messages, this book was a feast on Jesus and His wisdom. – Each part has topics covered and themes and the whole book progresses in a way that only the Holy Spirit could have directed the man who put this together. It was a smorgasbord of Jesus.

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