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Virus restrictions? Improve your LIFE!

Virus Restrictions? During this 7 minute video message you will learn 2 Ways to overcome the Virus Restrictions and make them serve you instead of rule you.

I PRAY THIS MESSAGE gives you a new way to look at the same issues so you can overcome all things and prevail not just survive.

Before we begin: God didn’t start this Virus, man’s inhumanity to man did.

However God can help us become stronger during the Virus restrictions so we can prevail in all things and rise above our difficulties.

Remember: Problems left alone get worse, they don’t go away. Like weeds in a garden, if we don’t pull them, the weeds take over the garden.

2 WAYS we can Improve our Life during the Virus Restrictions

#1 We can examine ourselves. How are we thinking, what are we doing, and is it helping or hindering?

#2 We can help one another by our own example, then our wisdom, advice, and earthly possessions. We become stronger when we share!

Here’s a closing thought.

Never settle for less than you can become or you must settle for less than you could have.

Whatever we don’t conquer in our minds we must serve in our life.

Remember Always: WITH GOD, all things are possible, all the time, wherever we live when we pray and believe – In HIS LOVE, I serve HIS WILL


I welcome you to this Walking with the Master: Sunrise Message.




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– Only the simple and profound words of Jesus

“This book is dedicated to everyone who wants to

walk with Jesus,

feel HIS presence,

hear HIS words,

and understand HIS message”


What Did Jesus Say is a ’marvelous book’, with great content, and I’m really impressed with how Rev. Terry Christian organized his book. There’s a lot of good information in this one of a kind book. I encourage every Christian to get 2 copies, one for themselves and another one to give away, its pure, containing only the Words from Jesus without added opinions: Pastor Bob Thibodeau – Kingdom Crossroads


Preview Message #1- in our book: What Did Jesus Say: The Seven Messages from the Master







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