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I’m Starting Over at 72 and was told to start this Special Fund so God could send me the Help to return home.


When Christians Help one another, Everyone is Helped.

 Hello, my name is Rev Terry Allan Christian and I’m Starting Over at 72 and asking for your help

On August 3, 2022, I injured my back while moving and I couldn’t walk the next day. This injury, changed my life entirely and forced me to return to the USA and move in with my daughter, seeking medical attention thru the VA.

It’s now, 20 months later, (15 weeks after hip surgery) and I’m able to walk, teach and enjoy life again. I feel blessed beyond words. 

Today, I’m seeking Gifts from the Heart, so I can Start Over and return home doing my Missionary work in Negril and online Counseling Services.

Please Take 5 Minutes and watch this Video Message, it’ll help you better understand me and this GoFund program too!


This Special Fund was created to help me return home to Negril, Ja. where I was living as a Retired Resident teaching in the local communities before I was injured during a move on August 3, 2022. 

It would take 18mons, to assess and receive proper treatment. *** In December 2023, I received a Spinal procedure to stop the pain, and on January 17, 2024, I received a complete Hip Replacement.  

I can accept, the time lost (20 months) during this painful injury is irreplaceable however, it also costs me: my savings, the ability to earn and almost took my life. ***This is why, I’m seeking help from others as I begin my life again, at 72. Now I can help Counsel those enduring pain!

For the record: I have ‘freely’ helped many people during the last 20yrs thru my online Counseling, and Coaching services, providing food and assistance where necessary. *** Today, I’m humbly seeking help. 

Its been 15 weeks since my Hip Replacement, and I feel 20yrs younger. I was just released (this week) from the Doctors care to return home to Negril. The best physical therapy for me now is, walking on the beach and swimming, and ‘helping’ people, the 3 things I enjoy most.  

WHY do I Live in Negril ?

Here’s the Story: 

I first went to Negril in November 2010 because I was dying of Bladder Cancer (given 3yrs to live) I went there for a 21 Day Sabbatical Experience (not vacation) I would later call it: The Life Walk. During this Walk, I prayed, fasted, and walked up and down the 7mi Beach (for 59 miles meditating on my life of 59yrs) seeking a Divine Healing. *** During this 21 day walk, I met many Jamaicans who showed me love in a spiritual way that added to my healing thru fellowship, prayers and healthy foods.

By the Grace of God, I was released Cancer Free in March 2011 and I would spend the next 12yrs traveling back and forth to Negril (9mon. a year) teaching in the local schools. I wrote a Blog Story about my Divine Healing at: http://bit.ly/1WPQBHi

In October 2021, I applied for a Jamaican Retirement Visa and was granted a Visa in February 2022 to live there all year round, forevermore and I’m also allowed to Counsel and Teach and receive income too. *** This is very helpful for me now!


WHY do I call Negril: My Home?
The big answer is: Their love & fellowship 

When I needed endorsement letters from local Jamaicans for the Immigration Office, supporting my desire to live full-time in Jamaica, here’s what 5 Jamaicans said in their letters:

*Rev. Christian must be commended for his invaluable contributions to the Negril community. His willingness to serve others must be lauded. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Reverend Christian has been working with the Sheffield All Age School by connecting virtually with the staff, students and parents and the wider community by uploading purposeful and meaningful videos of hope, strength, perseverance and faith. These are some of the core values that bind our institutions. Additionally, this has helped with the mental health of individuals, who have experienced his engagements.: Ms JP, Teacher @ Sheffield All Age School

*I’ve worked with Rev. Christian and know him as a dignified, hardworking, caring and thoughtful person. He was a volunteer, teaching parents and children. He’s also spoken at my school on Leadership. Rev. Christian is an upstanding individual. –Mrs. P. R / Teacher @ Revival All Age School

*I can say I have observed Mr. Christian working with the adults and children and took note of the positive ways in which he affected their lives. It is because of this: I believe his services would be of a great asset to the schools. I am of the opinion Mt. Christian has a lot to offer and can effect change, for Jamaica. – Sincerely, Mr. Wellington / Chairman of NEET

*I’ve known Mr. Terry Christian since September 2017. His numerous visits to my Spa and multiple motivational conversations have led me to believe that Mr. Christian is an upstanding man of God. His very warm and caring personality have lovingly impacted lives in and around the community of Negril. Terry has become a motivator and a very good supporter of my business. Dew to the great love and enthusiasm that Mr Christian has towards our country Jamaica and it’ people, I believe that he would truly enhance the growth and well being of whichever community he resides. Yours sincerely, J Grant / Negril business owner

*I’ve known Mr. Christian as a guest in our condos since 2010 and I find him to be of good character, professional and honest. He has an excellent rapport with persons of all ages and is a motivational speaker, who has shown his commitment to make an impact on everyone he meets in a positive way, by motivating students and parents! / J. Gaynair: @ Negril Beach Condos.

Here I am in a classroom teaching Attitude is Everything 

When I return, I will be teaching a class called Starting Over in Life designed for those who dropped out of School and want to Start Over in Life and since I too dropped out of School, I can teach them the power of ‘self-education’ by learning on purpose, with a purpose, and  for a purpose. 

For More Information on my work in Negril called: Project HELP, go to:  http://bit.ly/2X420K1

In Closing, let me say:

During June 2022, (6wks before my injury) I was preparing to finally release my book Online thru a brand new Shopify Website for Christmas 2022 that would’ve change my financial situation allowing me to help many people (forevermore) when I was injured moving on August 3, 2022 and everything in my life stopped. Now, its for me to Start Over.

Today, I am ready to begin again, and return to my Missionary work, and Counseling online, while marketing my book What Did Jesus Say: online thru eBooks & AudioBooks creating income enough to support myself.

God Willing …. with this GoFund, I’ll be able to re-launch my Mission in Life, to H-E-L-P = Helping Everyone Live Peacefully (and Productively) I expect to be self-sustaining by July.

When you help me, you’re also helping people worldwide that you don’t know and they don’t know you, but GOD KNOWS US ALL

I am available anytime on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, if you want to speak to me personally, or seek Counseling, please message me today.  

I believe: WITH GOD, all things are possible, all the time, wherever we live, when we pray believing. It doesn’t matter to God where we live, what matters to God is how we live, where we live. *** The question is: Do we lift or lean, do we hinder or help?

I thank you for taking the time to read my story:

In HIS LOVE, I serve

Use of Funds: 

These funds will help pay $2500 in pressing debt from not working, and allow me to return home and restart my local and online Counseling Services while offering my Book online thru our Shopify website. 

Here are 3 WAYS: you can DONATE a Gift from the Heart:

#1- PayPal:  http://www.paypal.me/RevTerryAChristian

#2- CashApp: $Terry5683

#3- Venmo: Rev-Christian5683 

*** If you need another way, please contact me directly: 

Email: Terry@RevChristian.com 

WHOEVER who read this message and contacts me will receive a signed copy of my book, plus a free code to download our WDJS eSpecial (eBook & AudioBook)  Use the Code: JesusSaid and the eSpecial will download free. Go to https://whatdidjesussay.world/



Here’s what one Professional Book Club said about this book: We also have 10 book testimonials from 10 different Countries on our website.


 * This book is unique. NEVER BEFORE, has a book been compiled, giving the words of Jesus as He spoke in the Bible. -Presented as a full color and beautifully illustrated e-book or paperback version with large, easy to read text, this book makes a perfect gift for anyone wanting to know Jesus and what He said. Its nothing short of phenomenal and will impact your life as you become more like Jesus. Kingdom Expansion

When you help me, Start Over, you are also helping many people who need Counseling (worldwide) they can’t afford.

Let me end with a personal message entitled:

My Conclusions in Christ 




 IF YOU FEEL called to HELP ME: 

Here are 3 WAYS: you can DONATE a Gift from the Heart:

#1- PayPal:  http://www.paypal.me/RevTerryAChristian

#2- CashApp: $Terry5683

#3- Venmo: Rev-Christian5683 

*** If you need another way, please contact me directly: 

Email: Terry@RevChristian.com 















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